Public Warning notice it has come to our attention  that someone has registry a company in UK in 2018 using the same name as ITC Engineering Solutions. They have
registry the company under the same name and address as the following Brunel House 340 Firecrest Court, Centre Park, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom, WA1 1RG
company number 11204615. We are not part of this company.
ITC Engineering Solutions is a high-tech enterprise engaging in development of new energy application technologies. scientific,technological services,
Research and Development,design, professional consulting, architectural company.

The product and technologies'  spectrum Solar Photo Voltaic, Solar Hot Water, Telecommunication, Home Automation, Industrial Automation ,LED,
Instrumentation, Near- Field and Far Field Wireless Charging and Electric Vehicle Charging, Industrial Internet of Things, Internet of Things,Energy
systems, power chargers, power charging systems, add-on power systems, enhanced power systems, enhanced green technologies and power
systems, and power recovery systems, power balancing technology systems, harvesting energy systems.

Aided with our design, manufacture, sale, and after-sale service teams. ITC Engineering Solutions is committed to providing alternative energy solutions