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We at ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. Take great care in making sure our memberships are in good standing.
ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. Has many sister companies and Partners our Staff also hold membships. It you
should have any questions about our memberships please contact us at
IEEE Antennas and Propagation

International Association of
Electrical Inspectors.

American Solar Energy

Association for Computing

Advancing Computing as Science
and Profession.

IEEE Phonics Association.

United Inventors Association.

Robotics and Automation

IEEE Canada Association.

IEEE Communications Association.

IEEE Power Electronics

IEEE Power and Energy Society.

IEEE Professional Communication

Canadian Humanitarian Initiatives

International Institute for Bau-
biologist & Ecology.

Alliance of IEEE Consultants

International PV Equipment

Canadian Solar Industries
Robotics and Automation Association.

IEEE Communications Association.

IEEE Power Electronics Association.

IEEE Computer Association.

IEEE Consumer Electronics Association.

IEEE Control Systems Society.

IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

IEEE Magnetics Society.

IEEE Product Safety Engineering society.

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques.

Solar Energy Industries

Society on Social Implications of technology

Council on Electronic Design Automation

IEEE Transportation Electrification

IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section

Life Sciences Community

IEEE Transportation Electrification

Association of Energy Engineers

IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section

Canada Green Building Council

Chapter Green Building Council

American Solar Energy Society
Professional Support Member
IEEE Instrumentation and
Measurement Ass.

Photo-Optical Instrumentation

International Dark Sky Association

IEEE Technology Management Council

Soar Electric Power Association

American Solar Association

Solar Energy Industries Association

Solar Energy Society of India

Organization for Economic
Co-operation and Development

Australian PV Association

European Photovoltaic Industry

British Photovoltaic Association

Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association

India Energy Storage Alliance

Japan Solar  Photovoltaic Association

Green ICT Community

RFID Technical Council

Research Gate Science and Research

IEEE Standard Association

Nano tectechnology Council