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Solar PV Case Study 1

The Landfill operated as a burn dump from approximately
1927 until the mid 1960’s and as a sanitary landfill until
1985, for the disposal of mostly sanitary solid waste and
some industrial waste. Current Site operations include an
active refuse transfer station, recycling center, and a
Department of Public Works garage. The site is in the Post-
Closure stage. The (Town) proposes to develop 1.59 MW
solar photovoltaic installation on 2.51 acres the Landfill. The
Town is proposing to construct and maintain a PV array on
the capped Landfill.   
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Solar PV Case Study 4

The (Town) own landfill occupies approximately 16 acres of an approximately
49 acre parcel of land which is owned and operated by the Town (Site). The
Landfill operations began in the 1940s  the site was close 1998. The Town is
proposing to construct and maintain a 1.2 MW  solar photovoltaic installation
array on the capped Landfill.
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Solar PV Case Study 3

The Land fill operations commenced in 1961 for the disposal of
residential, municipal, commercial and demolition debris. The Landfill
final cover system encompasses approximately 14 acres. The contains a
transfer station and recycling area which are permitted as post-closure
uses of the Landfill on 3 acres of the 14 acre final cover system. The
Post-Closure Use of the Landfill for a 1.83 Megawatt (MW) solar
photovoltaic (PV) array.
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Solar PV Case Study 2

The Landfill is an unlined Landfill located on 89.5 acre
parcel of Town-owned land .The Landfill final cover
system occupies approximately 20 acres. The Landfill
operations began in the 1972 for the acceptance of
municipal solid waste and ceased in 1999. The
Landfill was capped in 2005. The Landfill is generally
surrounded by wetlands and buffered by woods. the
Post-Closure Use of the Landfill for a 1.86 megawatt
("MW") solar photovoltaic ("PV") array.
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Solar PV Case Study 5

The following is a Case Study being  done on a
Water Treatment Plant. The ( Town) is proposing to
construct and maintain a 1-MW photovoltaic power
station. The 10-acre solar field, which will generate
about 2.4 million KW-hours of electricity, which will
be equivalent to about 80% of the annual power
needs of the facility. The PV system is comprised of
4620 230-Watt  monocrystalline-silicon-based
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ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. Pleased to announce that the "Truro
Farmer Market Solar Electrical PV System Project" has been finished. The
system was design to meet the budget goal of $40,000.00. At the same
time the need for public safety, plus Farmer Market energy saving need.
With the goal in mind a return on the town investment on the project within
five and half years plus more energy saving over the 30 Year life span of
the project. The system was also design with upgrade able  system  in
mind at a very low cost. The Solar Electrical PV System has a stated of the
art Rapid Shut Down System. The system allow firefighter, building owners
in case of emergencies or system maintenance, the press of a red button
will trigger the Rapid Shutdown, activating all remote trip devices in the
system. This process disconnects hazardous voltages from the PV array
and the rest of the system for safety . The Rapid Shut Down System has
active monitoring with led lights show the stated of the system, example  
"Solar on", 'Solar off", 'AC On". Plus system has auto speech, for example
( "Solar system has been switch on " ) for added safety . Stated art LED
light Surge Protection Devices over standard devices for more added
safety. The system was design as two system, one half of the solar panels
as one system and the other half as System, in doing so the system get
genre 10- 20 per more energy the standard system. The system fully
automatic. Were the system on a Net-Metering with NS Power the Town
can view it energy saving from there NS power Account.  The project was
commission in to service   Dec 5 2015.
"This will definitely assist with overall operating costs,
which are high right now," said Jamie Alcorn, market
manager. "Being a community building it's nice to
have these  here."
Now that's a bright idea
Truro Farmer Market
15 Young St, Truro, NS B2N 3W3

December 12, 2015
Solar PV  Farm Case Study  Nova Scotia

A possible business case study investigation on a large scale
Solar PV project. The 2 megawatt (MW) Photovoltaic Solar
Farm, would be localed on a old landfill site. Use the Solar PV
Array harvest energy from the sun to power the water plant.
10 Kw Solar PC Tracker Array
The Solar system has 36 Solar Panels, plus 36 power
optimizers, Rapid Shut Down System the customer
want a Solar PV System that would automatic clear
the snow of the panels. The system also adjust
automatic for winter and summer