ITC Engineering Solutionsmaintaining a “can do” attitude at all times, building strong relationships with our selected customers which is
backed up by a strong air of  we are focused on building a solid company which is built on winning operations and how we can best At
trust and honesty on both sides. we are focused on building a solid company which is built on winning operations and how we can best

Our promise to the customer is that we will deliver the service they desire to accomplish project completion and client satisfaction. This is
achieved through good understanding, planning and communication. Reliability, service and quality must shine through in everything that
we do, which can only be accomplished by the full participation of our staff, employees and sub-contractors.
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Company Background

20 years  in Background in Waste Water and Water Treatment plants
20 Years in background in Land Fill Sites.
30 Years in background in Energy Technology.
20 Years in SCADA Technology.
20 Years in Background in Automation
20 Occupational Health & Safety
20 Years in Background in LED
20 Years in Background in Solar Technologies

Outstanding Team is more like an open forum where everyone can participate in the decision-making process… therefore, Once a
decision has been made, the entire team will be inspired to back the implementation of the decision. An enterprise is like a ship, in order
to seek survival and development. All employees will have to take the customers as the center, be innovative, and form coordination team
spirit. The team building is not satisfied with training basic working skills of staffs, but focus on team culture construction, team base for
enhancing the collectivism of the staffs, raising cohesiveness, strengthening communication among staffs and good for individual growth.

The company already has an outstanding management team. The success of company development is not only because of personal
excellence, but an more excellent team. Team coordination is the basis of company development. The company has collected a group of
forward to your attention and your joining in.
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We strive to develop products to meet the growing and
changing market demand. Our experienced R&D team is
committed to developing highly efficient and affordable solar
innovative ways.

International R&D team based in German, China and Canada