ITC Engineering Solutions is a high-tech enterprise
engaging in development of new energy application
technologies.Scientific , technological services ,research
and design  company. The product`s spectrum contains  
Solar Photo Voltaic, Solar Hot Water, Telecommunication,  
Home Automation, Industrial Automation ,LED, Instrumentation,
other unique applications  and related products. Aided with our
design, manufacture, sale, and after-sale service teams,  ITC
Engineering Solutions is committed to providing alternative
energy solutions.
ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. can provide
thorough, high
quality commissioning and
performance verification services to meet the
requirements of your most demanding customers
and to streamline your project close-out. For PV
system commissioning services,
Our promise to the customer is that we will deliver the
service they desire to accomplish project completion and
client satisfaction. This is achieved through good
understanding, planning and communication. Reliability,
service and quality must shine through in everything that we
do, which can only be accomplished by the full participation
of our staff, employees and sub-contractors.
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Don’t risk under performance losses ,use ITC
Engineering Solutions Inc.’s performance
verification system right at commissioning and
periodically for the life of your system.
New Technology for local buildings such as
fire stations, town halls, churches, recreation
centres, farmers' markets and arenas. We will
bring to Nova Scotia
ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. Present at this time
we do not offer Engineering Services, In Nova
Scotia. If we do any work in Nova scotia which
require a license engineer to approval the work,we
will out source the work with a License engineer with
the Province of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a very
small market.
Technologies we at ITC Engineering
Solutions Inc. Are always update with the
latest Information, because we are member
of many associations, the International
Association Electrical Inspectors allow us to
be update with the latest changes in the
Solar PV Industry Electrical Changes.
Specialist Solar PV & Electrical Work
We have experience with installing solar PV systems
into single and three phase power networks and can
install AC distribution systems, bus bar systems and
backup/generator systems as well as solar PV.
We also have experience working with the power
systems and special considerations with the power
networks found on farms, data centre, in factories
and in other specialist commercial and industrial
The cost of a solar panel is determined in part by the size
(in Watts), the physical size, the brand, the durability /
longevity (or warranty period) and any certifications the solar
panel might have. Choosing a solar panel on price alone is
not wise, as it may not fit the area you wish to install it, may
not have the necessary certifications to qualify for
government rebates, or may not have the warranty required
for economic payback of the power produced.
Different charging station standards mean you
need to be smart about the station you
buyMaybe you want to put a charging station
by your business for customers to use.
Perhaps you have a business plan to install a
number of charging stations along a popular
motorway. Or you might want to install
neighborhood or city charging stations.
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