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Workshop participants will also learn about solar panel bulk purchase program through ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. .

The program includes 10% off $1.12/watt solar panels if purchased between May 18th and August 18th and installed by ITC
Engineering Solutions Inc. by December 2016.

There is also the opportunity to take advantage of reduced site assessment costs by ITC Engineering Solutions Inc.  (25%
off $100). This cost is redeemable toward equipment costs when installation takes place.

The bulk purchase and installation is open to homeowners, businesses and institutions. Additional conditions will apply to the
bulk purchase (including a minimum number of participants and kilowatts installed). More information will be provided at the

The cost is $30 to attend the workshop (payable at the door). $15 of the price will be redeemable toward the cost of
installation if participants decide to take part in the bulk purchase and installation.

A presentation from ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. will take place at 6-9 pm with information about power bills, types of solar
systems (grid tie, off grid, hybrid), inverters, micro-inverters, batteries, expanding your system, solar hot water,
photovoltaics, etc. and time for questions