Who Are We?

At ITC Engineering Solutions, we're not just another consulting firm - we're the trailblazers of clean energy innovation. With over 35 years of experience, we've redefined the industry with our end-to-end solutions for electrical and electronics products, manufacturing, and project solutions. With over 40+ Innovative Product Designs.

Our team is not just a team; we're a league of extraordinary professionals who are members of over 99 prestigious associations. We don't just design products; we engineer masterpieces that include solar hot water systems, solar PV systems, wind turbine remote systems, build automation systems, LED lighting systems, electric vehicle charging stations, remote power systems, home automation systems, and factory automation systems.

Product Spectrum

Product spectrum solar hot water system, solar PV system, wind turbine system, build automation system, electric vehicle charging stations, remote power system, home automation system, and factory automation system.

Our Latest Project

ITC Engineering Solutions is pleased to announce a new project in 2019-2025. ITC will be designing and building a Remote Power System solution. The innovative solution is focused on energy challenges faced by emergency services and outdoor event organizers in remote locations An Innovative Solution to Meet Energy Needs.

Remote Mobile Power 

The Remote Mobile Power System consists of a mobile trailer, a 10kW to 20 KW wind turbine, and advanced battery storage. This cutting-edge solution is further customizable with options including solar panels, satellite internet, and remote outdoor LED lighting.

The Remote Mobile Power System is an innovative solution that addresses the need for reliable power sources for emergency services and outdoor events in remote areas. The mobile trailer design allows for easy transport and deployment to where power is needed most. The system harnesses wind and solar energy to generate sustainable electricity, storing excess energy in batteries for use during low-wind periods or emergencies. 

We hope this solution can help improve operations for those responding to emergencies and organizing events in remote areas with limited access to power and energy resources. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

New Division Of ITCES

ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce on March 9, 2019,  a new division of ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. called Eeze Wind Inc. This division will develop a line of  Remote Mobile Power Systems consisting of a mobile trailer, a 10 to 20 KW wind turbine, and advanced battery storage. This cutting-edge solution is further customizable with options including solar panels, satellite internet, and remote outdoor LED lighting.

New Partnership February 2024

Small Wind Power for Residential Home

ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership to bring Small wind power to residential customers. New partner Raffe Wind. More information is forthcoming.

Wind turbines are becoming more popular in residential settings because of the reduced cost of electricity and many people wish to reduce their carbon footprint. provided the house is in a sufficiently windy location being one of them; if the upfront costs, location, and planning requirements can be sorted, then small domestic wind turbines can be a cost-effective method to generate clean, renewable electricity for the home.

Wind turbines for residential properties come under the general heading of Microgeneration which is the small-scale generation of electricity and heat by individual households, small businesses, and communities as alternatives to centralized power connected to the national grid.

Luxury Type Solar Hot Water Flat Panel Developed 2016

Hybrid PVT (Photovoltaic and                Thermal) Solar Panels 

If you're looking for a hybrid solar system that can produce both electricity and hot water, then PVT solar panels, also called hybrid solar panels, is a good option. PVT (photovoltaic and thermal) panels are less efficient than dedicated photovoltaic or solar thermal panels, but they make up for it by being able to generate more energy per unit area. This makes them ideal for small spaces where every square inch counts. Design and manufactured by ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. availability 2024-2025 pre-order.

Wind Turbine Control Panel

Total control of wind turbines in all weather conditions is vital in supplying reliable and high-quality renewable energy.

Our  Wind Turbine Control solution is highly modular, ensuring our customers maximum flexibility. Our modular plug-and-play solution supports a scalable and open control setup to minimize complexity and ensure easy maintenance. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to deliver solutions for all setups, ranging from small wind turbines to large on- and offshore wind turbines, securing maximum performance, high availability, and optimal energy production. Design and manufactured by ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. availability 2020 pre-order.

Photovoltaic Programmable

Discover the full potential of your photovoltaic panels with our innovative photovoltaic Programmable controller! Constructed for efficient and intelligent energy management, it allows you to take full advantage of the solar energy produced while reducing your electricity bills. Our photovoltaic controller monitors energy production in real-time, automatically turning on the boiler heater as soon as it detects an excess. It’s a simple and efficient solution for your home that helps you save money and take care of the environment. Design and manufactured by ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. availability 2020 pre-order.

Features Renewable Energy Association

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association is the voice for wind energy, solar energy, and energy storage solutions that will power Canada’s energy future. We work to create the conditions for a modern energy system through stakeholder advocacy and public engagement. Our diverse members are uniquely positioned to deliver clean, low-cost, reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions for Canada’s energy needs.

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ITCES Opportunities 2024

ITC Engineering Solutions Inc. now offers business opportunities, in the form of investment opportunities. B2B business,  Licensing, and partner program. To learn more Contact Us through our website contact page.

Our Partner Program is great for young entrepreneurs what to own their, own businesses.

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